Powermatic 60-9150 Ready-To-Cut Premum Sand Paper Roll, 150 Grit

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• (1) Ready-To-Cut Premum Sand Paper Roll, 150 Grit

• Heavyweight abrasive for heavy duty usage
• Premarked for fast and easy cutting
• No splices, seams or breaks
• Between 8-19 wraps
• Yields 19 Wraps on a 16 inch Drum, 12 Wraps on a 25 inch Drum, 14 Wraps on a 22 inch Drum and 8 Wraps on a 37 inch Drum
• Fits drum sanders
• Abrasive Grit: 150
• Abrasive Material: Aluminum oxide
• Backing material: Cloth
• Sanding type: Premium, Sandpaper
• Width: 3"
• Suitable for Use With: Jet Drum Sanders for Drum size 16 inch, 22 inch, 25 inch, 37 inch or 50 inch Aluminum-Oxide
• Color: Maroon

Premium Ready-To-Cut, 150 Grit

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