Powermatic 1791330 PM1200 Air Filtration System

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• Two-filter system traps particles as small as 1 micron
• Remote control operates on radio frequency for wider range of effectiveness
• Timer has nine settings, for up to nine hours of continuous operation
• Inner filter has fine mesh pockets for high efficiency, can be blown clean
• Electrostatic outer filter is disposable
• Diffusion filter disperses exhausted air
• Four eye bolts allow suspension from shop ceiling
• Indicator lights up after 200 hours to remind user to replace filters
• Three blower speeds to modify air flow
• Filter guards install and remove easily without tools for quick access to filters

• Motor Power (HP): 1/4
• Timer Settings: 1 to 9 Hours
• Inner Filter Efficiency (%): 85
• Speeds (CFM): 547, 706, 1196
• Motor Phase: 1

Your shop may look clean, but how clean is the air? The PM1200 Air Filtration System traps up to 99% of all 5-micron particles and 85% of all 1-micron particles for a healthier work environment. Three blower speeds modify air flow. The unit can be operated either at the cabinet or with the remote transmitter which uses radio-frequency, eliminating the need for line-of-sight operation. The timer has nine settings, allowing continuous operation for up to 9 hours while you’re away, and will shut off at the end of that period. The filter guards can be removed and installed without tools, for instant filter access.

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